Sliding Glass Doors to Replace Emergency Exit Doors in Subway Stations

Sliding Glass Doors to Replace Emergency Exit Doors in Subway Stations

By Yehudit Garmaise

Pairs of glass doors that slide open after a fare is paid could replace emergency exit doors in subway stations, which the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) says are the main source of fare evasion.

Models of the new fare gate designs, which resemble the gates in the subway system in Paris, were on display at the Grand Central Terminal on Wednesday, Gothamist reported. 

MTA Chair Janno Lieber did not provide a timeline for the roll-out of the new sliding glass doors, which would be the transit system's first major redesign in modern history.

"When I grew up there was still the wood turnstiles," Lieber said. “Obviously, the installation of a whole new generation of turnstiles, of fare arrays, is going to take a while. But if anything is serious, you’ve got to get started.”

Subway fare evasion accounts for $285 million of the $690 million the MTA lost last year to fare and toll evaders, according to a recent report. 

Commuter railroad riders flouting the fare cost $44 million, and drivers evading the agency’s tolls cost $46 million, MTA officials said.

In the last three months alone of 2022, approximately 37% of bus riders declined to pay their fares: stealing $315 million out of the MTA’s earnings last year.

“That is money that could be used to provide more service, more frequent service, more reliable service,” said Lieber. “It could be used to invest in infrastructure.”

photo credit: Flickr

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