Snapshot: Craft N Color — Your Child's Favorite Place

Snapshot: Craft N Color — Your Child's Favorite Place

By David J. Glenn

Imagine you're stuck at home on a rainy Sunday afternoon with four little children climbing the walls (sometimes literally) out of sheer boredom.

What to do?

Well, crafts, of course!

"It's the best way to keep the little ones — and older children and adults as well —busy and occupied in a constructive way," said Mayer Mendlovic, who 10 years ago opened Craft N Color on 49th Street. 

He has a full inventory of everything from painting to puzzles.

People who knew Mayer before 2013 probably didn't expect he would open a crafts shop. After all, he was working at Quickbooks, not a particularly creative occupation.

But when he was a counselor at a day camp, he was drawn into the arts and crafts activities. "Let me open my own shop," he thought.

Now he's gone beyond day-camp  A&C to offer an array of craft projects like Diamond Art (creating mosaics of colored stones); make-it-yourself erasers, soap, and Silly Putty (did anyone even know that this iconic play-clay was around anymore?);  fashioning "slime" (kids love it, whatever it is); constructing miniature waterfalls; building anything you could imagine from pop sticks; painting and decorating napkin holders and ceramics: making your own Sukkah decorations and other Judaica items; sand art; and experimenting with (quite safe) science projects using baking soda, sugar, and glue.

Most of Mayer's customers are mothers coming in with children, he said, but often men will visit, too — to find something for their wives or for themselves.

The other day he had a visitor from England. "He wanted to get an idea of what kind of crafts he could include in his London toy store," Mayer said.

Mayer makes it a point to keep his inventory current. "You have to be up to date," he said.

"There's always something new coming out."

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