Snapshot: Freunds — A Family Store For Families

Snapshot: Freunds — A Family Store For Families

By David J. Glenn 

If — especially after Covid — you have gotten used to ordering men's and children's clothing online, you may have forgotten what being personally attended to, is like.

You'll quickly be reminded, though, if you visit Freunds Stores on 13th Avenue and on 53rd Street.

"We're a family business, catering to families," said Mr. Freund (who didn't want his first name used). "Individual customer service is very important to us."

In fact, F&F doesn't maintain any website — the closest they'll come to remote retailing is an occasional phone order.

Freund's parents opened the store in the 1960s — now his own grown children, and grandchildren, come in.

He doesn't carry very many items in ladies' wear, but mothers coming in with their children can choose from an assortment of ladies' accessories.

Freund's busiest times are before Yom Tovim, particularly Pesach and Purim, and in the weeks preceding camp season.

Freund also has Freunds stores on Bedford Avenue and on Coney Island.

Does he have any plans to open yet another store. "Not at the moment," he said.

"But you never know."

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