Snapshot: Luxury Linens - Customized To Your Taste

Snapshot: Luxury Linens - Customized To Your Taste

By David J. Glenn

"We'll customize the entire bedroom — quilts, dust ruffles, pillows, bedding, towels," said Mr. J. Mauskopf, who opened Luxury Linen, today located at 4905 16th Ave, 36 years ago.

"We'll often spend hours with the customer, going over samples, discussing colors and style and the fabrics."

The store is now catering to a third generation of clientele. "Often a woman will come in and say, 'I remember when my mother brought me in when I was a little girl.'"

For this reason the business emerged intact after closing for three months at the height of the Covid pandemic in 2020. "Our customers returned," he said.

Women are the main customers, many times coming in with the designers. Men sometimes visit Erev Yom Tov time to pick out gifts for their wives, Mr. Mauskopf said.

Luxury Linen also gets many out-of-town customers, including people visiting from Israel, London, and custom orders from Hotels. As well, Chasunah Malls carry their custom items, offering them to the Kallahs fulfilling their dreams.

"We're a little bit of an icon in Boro Park," he said.

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