Snapshot: Offering Flowers Online is 'an Intricate Business'

Snapshot: Offering Flowers Online is 'an Intricate Business'

By David J. Glenn

Going from buying and selling real estate to selling flowers online may seem like a huge transition, but it was no problem for David Gross.

Eight years ago he partnered with Yossi Weinstein — who had been operating the Flowers R Us store in Midwood — to offer varied and creative floral displays for chasanahs and other simchas, online or by phone.

"I learned the ins and outs of the industry," said Gross. "I taught him a lot," Weinstein concurred.

The pair kept the name, and now Flowers R Us offers, among other innovations, a Shabbos subscription service. For about $30 a week, Flowers R Us will deliver a different bouquet every Friday afternoon, rotating among roses, lilies, hydrangeas, Birds of Paradise, and other varieties. Customers could request a "surprise bouquet" to be among the selections.

The Shabbos subscription currently is available in Boro Park, Flatbush, Mill Basin, and Marine Park.

The partners also offer a service to restaurants. They'll supply bouquets in elegant vases to place on each table. "It provides a luxurious ambience for the restaurant," said Weinstein.

For chasanahs, the kallah — usually with her mother — come in to an office to plan the details of the floral arrangements, preferably about two months before the chasanah. Prices range from relatively inexpensive to high-end.

For Purim, coming  this year on March 7, Gross and Weinstein offer an interesting item —  different varieties of flowers arranged to look like a giant hamentashen.

Gross still deals with real estate, but has come to  enjoy the "intricate business" of flowers.

"It's really more creative than real estate," he said.

The company can be reached at or 718-208-5845. Use promo code: JDN2023 for a 10 percent discount on all your orders

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