Snapshot: Weinberger’s Photography

Snapshot: Weinberger’s Photography

By Idy Perl

When Shmily Weinberger bought his first camera on a whim, he didn’t think it would turn into a full-time job. 

Shmily Weinberger, now known as the top product photographer, fell into product photography almost by accident. He was working at YF Productions, an event planning business, when he decided to buy a camera and started sharing some shots. The vendors and contacts he had been working with through event planning noticed his work and quickly started reaching out about their photography needs. 

“I never though about going into photography as a job, but more people continued reaching out, I continued doing it, and the rest is history.”

Now a full-service e-commerce and Amazon photography studio that has been operating for over 5 years, Weinberger’s Photography provides basic white background product photography, Amazon A+ content, lifestyle photos, real estate photography, and well as packaging design and other design services. Most photoshoots take place in their studio in Monsey, with customers shipping in the items they need photographed. For big jobs or full day shoots Shmily will travel to the customer to take the photos. The studio in Monsey also offers professional white-background headshots and shidduch portraits. 

What differentiates Weinberger’s Photography from other product photographers is that they have an entire team of editors, designers, and customer service reps that ensure everything is completed at a quick turnaround rate. 

“Unlike most other photographers who are shooting, editing, and doing customer service all on their own,” Shmily explains, “we have an entire team of people ready to help the customer with whatever they need.”

Check out Weinberger’s Photography work here.

To inquire about scheduling a photoshoot, click here: Whatsapp, Email, Phone: 347.378.4918

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