Snapshot: Dufixo Property Maintenance Services

Snapshot: Dufixo Property Maintenance Services

By M.C. Millman 

As an idea whose time has come, Dufixo property maintenance  services range from single homeowners to multi-property owners throughout the Tri-State region, all receiving the same focus and attention to detail that have made Dufixo thrive. 

The subscription-based service starts as low as $19.99 a month and has all the features the average residential or commercial property owner is looking for to avoid the headache of maintenance. 

Plumbing, roofing, electric – whatever the issue is at the address with the Dufixo subscription – Dufixo takes care of it all from A to Z. All work is automatically discounted so that not only does the property owner not have to deal with the hassle of finding the right person for the job, but they can also rest assured that they will always be getting a very discounted rate without having to do the legwork of finding a professional and scheduling an appointment on their own. 

Every member of the Dufixo management team comes with years of property management experience. All work is licensed and insured. - 

"One thing our subscribers can count on is responsiveness," says Yisroel Urbach, office manager of Dufixo. "Subscribers can reach Dufixo by phone, text, WhatsApp, email, or on the web page itself. We guarantee that there will be a response within 24 hours. In most cases, the job will already have been taken care of, but in the case of something more complicated, we will always follow up within 24 hours, even if it's to assure the subscriber that we're on it." 

What else does Dufixo offer other than instant responses to property emergencies? 

"Every 45 days, we are out there doing an inspection on our subscribers' properties," says Yisroel. "Our inspection runs the gamut. From checking more major items like the boiler and water heater to making sure there aren't any leaks or any screws loose. When we go through the kitchen, we'll fix hinges or tighten a loose handle for you."

The basic $19.99 package includes the option of a property inspection every 45 days, discounted work orders, smoke detector battery change twice a year, air conditioner filter changes, and light bulb changes. 

The $49.99 a month service option includes all of the above plus fire extinguisher follow-up, cleaning of all interior drains, tightening all screws interior, cleaning exterior garbage cans twice a year, annual gutter cleaning, and 24-hour fixo –the maximum amount of time it will take for the subscriber to hear back regarding all progress made with regard to the issue which in most cases will be taken care of in only a few hours.  

The $89.99 package includes all of the above plus all exterior lights cleaned annually, two items requested by the subscriber to be done on demand, and a 24-hour fix. 

Custom packages are also available for both residential and commercial customers who wish to subscribe but have more specific needs they would like to see addressed. 

"Our customers come from all walks of life," Yisroel shares with BoroPark24. "From those who just don't want the headache or who don't have the time it takes to really maintain a home to customers with a summer house, they want us to check throughout the year so they don't come back to any unpleasant surprises or the other way around – summer people leaving us their year-round houses to take charge of, we manage them all. From those with hundreds of units to those with just a tenant or two or those who want us to look out for elderly parents living on their own, people love our service."

Want more information? Visit or call 718-399-4910 email [email protected].

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