Snapshot: Whac-A-Mold Rescues and Restores

Snapshot: Whac-A-Mold Rescues and Restores

by M.C. Millman 

Emergencies happen, but when it comes to the aftermath, Whac-A-Mold is here to provide the calm after the storm as the consummate Fire, Water, and Mold restoration professionals.

With years of professional service under their belt, Whac-A-Mold's exemplary customer service is just one way the company manages to make its mark. 

"We care about the customer," says Itzik, Whac-A-Mold owner and founder. "We make it our business to invest in our customers, to listen to our customers, and to make sure that every job is not only finished perfectly but that it's done perfectly throughout the process. That means leaving every job as clean as possible at the end of every day to make the house livable during the restoration process. Keeping the customer happy is our priority."

Burst pipes, Leaks, Floods- anything that brings water into the house, Whac-A-Mold takes care of the restoration from A to Z. Their process includes removing all affected areas and items, disinfecting the area, and using commercial-grade drying equipment as needed to get out all the moisture in order to prevent future mold growth. 

"We also work with insurance," says Itzik.  

Whac-A-Mold works closely with adjusters who put in the claim so the customer doesn't have to go through the hassle of dealing with the insurance company.

"The benefit of using an adjuster instead of doing it yourself," Itzik explains, "is that an adjuster knows how to understand the language of the policy better than a layman. While the insurance company will often try to get away with paying as little as possible, the adjuster will know how to get the most possible out of the policy for our customers."

After a fire, besides dealing with the water damage, Whac-A-Mold will thoroughly remove all the soot and ash, as well as whatever areas or items that were damaged in the process. They then clean and disinfect everything, and  deodorize the whole area so there is no smell left from the smoke and fire. 

Dealing with mold is another of Whac-A-Mold's fortes, including mold assessment and remediation. 

Whac-A-Mold is here to save the day - always making sure that whatever the emergency is, it's soon water under the bridge and that your home or business is restored to its former condition within record time and complete professionalism.

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