Sounds Nuts but TSA Defines Peanut Butter as a Liquid

Sounds Nuts but TSA Defines Peanut Butter as a Liquid

by Mindy Cohn

According to the Transportation Security Administration, TSA, peanut butter is classified as a liquid and so can only be brought on board a plane if there is 3.4 ounces or less in a carry-on. 

In a March 21 tweet, the TSA made the announcement about peanut butter which many view as nutty. Given that there have been those who tried to smuggle items on board planes inside peanut butter, including last December when a man from Rhode Island tried to smuggle gun parts inside several jars filled with peanut butter, it might not be that illogical of an idea to ban the substance after all. 

"You may not be nuts about it, but TSA considers your PB a liquid," the TSAs tweet states. "In carry-on, it needs to be 3.4oz or less. Make sure all your travel-sized liquids fit in one quart-sized bag. #PeanutButter. Peanut butter… a liquid has no definite shape and takes shape dictated by its container."

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