Strumz in Kuntree

Summer in the Catskills is full of life, and we all know THAT GUY that just can't get enough of enjoying a great Kumzitz. At every opportunity he's running to another Strumz party.

Acoustic Guitar & Lead Vocal: Chaim Brown

Electric Guitar & Backup Vocal 1: Yeedle Rosenfeld

Bass Guitar & Backup Vocal 2: Shloime Baumwolspiner

Flute: Shmaya Karpen

Cajon: Chemi Rosenfeld


THAT GUY acted by: Yermi Tessler

Concept & script by: Chaim Brown 

Story scenes filmed & edited by: Power on Studios 845-281-4356

Music scenes filmed & edited by: BenHesh Studios 347-743-2206

Live sound & engineering by: Dynamix Productions 347-486-1834

Lighting by: AL Lighting 732-606-5277

Mixed by: Avrumi Berko 347-645-6631

Post production: BYG Studio 845-538-7845

Thumbnail by: Starlight Media 732-674-2457

Strumz bookings: 347-598-0865

Special thanks to Yidi Bialostozky & Uncle Moshe Fans

Thank you Tessler family for your hospitality

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