Sunday: Historic Hachnosas Sefer Torah at Boro Park Center in Memory of Holocaust Survivors

Sunday: Historic Hachnosas Sefer Torah at Boro Park Center in Memory of Holocaust Survivors

By: YS Gold 

The Boro Park community and its institutions were built by Holocaust survivors. 

They arrived here broken in spirit following the horrors previously unfathomable. They lost their family and their possessions, and all they had left was an unshakable faith in Hashem and in the holy Torah, and it was with this spirit that they rebuilt from the ashes. 

Which makes the momentous event this coming Sunday all the more poignant. 

The venerated Bikur Cholim Chessed Organization has dedicated itself—among its countless other activities and initiatives—to the welfare of our precious Holocaust survivors. This Sunday they will be inaugurating a sefer Torah to Boro Park Center, the largest facility in the country catering to the orthodox community, and an institution that is likewise devoted to the Holocaust survivors during their golden years. This will be matched by a second Torah dedicated by Boro Park Center itself. 

“Our survivors dedicated their lives to this community,” said Rabbi Avi Fishof, CEO of Bikur Cholim Chessed Organization. “And as they get older, it is our duty to support and salute them. There could be no better recipient of this sefer Torah than Boro Park Center, where dozens of survivors are cared for every day.”    

The approaching hachnosas sefer Torah has brought ripples of excitement in the halls of Boro Park Center. “We have been going around to each and every one of our Holocaust survivor residents to personally invite them to this event which is all about them and what they have given to this community, says Nachman Feig, associate administrator of Boro Park Center. 

“We will dance together, and rejoice with the Torah, along with the residents and their family members, and with the entire community who will come out for the joy of Torah and in support of those who have sacrificed so much to bequeath the Torah and its values to the future generations in Boro Park,” Feig said. 

The event will take place Sunday afternoon at 3:30 outside Boro Park Center with the participation of Rabbonim and the entire community. 

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