The W Group Redefines Yisochor-Zevulun Partnership With a Revolutionary Kollel

The W Group Redefines Yisochor-Zevulun Partnership With a Revolutionary Kollel

By: Y. Fried

As Jewish-owned businesses got back to work following the Yomim Tovim, The W Group, which operates nursing homes around the country, celebrated a pesichas hazman of a different sort; the first-of-its-kind on-site Kollel l’hora’ah located on its premises.

“R’ Berry Weiss and R' Arye Weiss, CEO’s of The W Group, are known to have a tremendous love for Torah and for Torah scholars,” says R’ Nuchem Schwartz, the menahal hakollel. “While they already supported an early-morning Kollel at the company, which begins at sunrise, they now take the next step in this journey to support talmidei chachomim of the highest caliber spending their days on premises, immersed in the toil of Torah, graduating as dayonim who will rule halacha for Klal Yisroel.”

Indeed, the Kolel administration handpicked twenty elite yungeleit, accomplished talmidei chachomim who have already sat and learned for years with tremendous hasmodoh, and through The W Group’s support, they will continue their growth in the depth and breadth of Torah.

At the official opening of the Kollel, R’ Arye Weiss, who spend the yomim tovim in Eretz Yisroel, recounted that when he asked the Mekubel R’ Itche Mayor Morgenstern what kaballah he can take upon himself, the mekubel advised he continue to support Torah learning.

When R’ Berry Weiss took the mike, he was overcome with emotion at the incredible zechus that he felt in serving as the achsanya shel Torah, a host for Torah learning at such a high level.

“We work hard in our business in order to support Torah, he said, “and their learning is the greatest possible zechus for us and our company.” 

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