Uber Introduces Phone Ordering

Uber Introduces Phone Ordering

by YS Gold 

Following the trend that has been popular in chassidishe communities for years—wherein third-party providers worked with Uber to provide ordering rides by phone—Uber will now allow riders to order rides from them directly by calling their phone service. Uber has thus far been available exclusively on their app. 

“We understand that some people would prefer to talk to someone on the phone, so we created the option to call us to request your ride,” the statement reads. 

Riders will be able to speak to a live representative to set up their accounts and order rides. Communications on all trip details will be sent by text message to the cell phone. 

This move is sure to be especially welcome in communities where smartphones are frowned upon, and many rely on simple phones for their communications. 

Further details from Uber can be found here. 

photo credit: Flickr

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