Up to 50% of Police Officers are Unvaccinated in Some Precincts: Potentially Leaving Huge Gaps in Patrols

Up to 50% of Police Officers are Unvaccinated in Some Precincts: Potentially Leaving Huge Gaps in Patrols

   Today at 5pm, unvaccinated city workers, such as police officers, firefighters, and sanitation workers will be put on unpaid leave.

     Yesterday, when reporters worried that Mayor Bill de Blasio’s vaccine mandate will leave huge gaps in the staffing of the city’s most crucial agencies, the mayor reassured that the agencies are well-equipped to compensate for any no-shows, just as they did during COVID’s peak, when many workers were out sick.

     In addition, the mayor said that 64% of the FDNY is vaccinated, 75% of EMS, 67% of the Sanitation Department, and 74% of the NYPD have gotten their shots.

     However, internal NYPD data on vaccination rates show that some precincts have recorded that only 50% of their officers are vaccinated.     

     For instance, the NY Daily News reported the 68th precinct in Bay Ridge has the city’s lowest vaccination rate: with a whopping 48% police officers who remain unvaccinated.

     The 66th Precinct has not responded to BoroPark24’s calls to reveal its vaccination rate.

     Some residents, reporters, and veteran cops are worried what will happen to public safety in New York City when up to half of the officers in some precincts go on unpaid leave tonight at 5pm. 

     “[The city] failed to plan, and now this department is going to cave in if 25% of people don’t show up,” a veteran patrol sergeant told the NY Daily News. “My command is about 50% vaccinated, and I’m sure most commands are in this situation. They aren’t going to be able to cover patrol.”

      Mayor de Blasio, however, has assured New Yorkers that all the agencies have firm contingency plans in place to cover for suspended workers will keep the city safe.

      “These are big agencies, they [employ] a whole lot of people,” said the mayor, who explained that in the summers, for instance, when crime tends to rise, the NYPD deploys hundreds of cops who are otherwise on desk duty out to neighborhoods, where they are needed.

     “Every agency has people trained to do who can shift back [on duty.],” said the mayor, who emphasized that the city’s goal is not to fire anyone, but to get everyone vaccinated before they return back to work: to protect the people of the city. “So, there's a deep bench and a lot of capacity.”

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