UPDATE: No Injuries in House Fire on 46th Street

UPDATE: No Injuries in House Fire on 46th Street

By Idy Perl

UPDATE 6:09pm:

In an exclusive statement to BoroPark24, the FDNY chief confirmed that, thankfully, no civilians were injured in the 2-alarm blaze on the top floor of the residence on 46th Street, except a firefighter, who suffered minor injuries. The FDNY responded to the scene in 4 minutes.


Original Article 4:42pm:

A second-alarm fire is currently blazing in a home on 1362-46 St. 

Multiple emergency service response teams are on site to extinguish the fire. As of now it is unknown how the fire started.

46th Street between 13th and 14th Ave is closed off for emergency personnel at the scene of the fire. 

The Bais Yaakov school, located right across the street, was Baruch Hashem after the dismissal of the younger grades, while dismissal for the older grades was delayed.

No injuries are reported.

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