EBT Skimming Thieves Caught

EBT Skimming Thieves Caught

By Idy Perl

Yesterday afternoon, two suspects in the recent EBT skimming device fraud were arrested after being caught red-handed.

This comes in the wake of the recent news, wherein multiple EBT skimming devices were discovered in grocery stores in Heimishe neighborhoods, instilling uncertainty and fear, as reported here on BoroPark24.

After the suspects were captured on camera removing a skimming device from Moshia's Supermarket in Flatbush, Shmira members on scene pursued them as they departed, intercepting them on Avenue M and East 4th Street and detaining them until the police arrived on the scene.

To avoid getting caught, one of the suspects feigned illness, forcing the police to call an ambulance. EMS volunteers checked the suspect in an ambulance and then declared him healthy. Police then conducted a body search on both suspects to find the skimming device they had been seen on camera removing from the store, but they couldn’t find it on either of them. Following a search in the ambulance as well, by the recommendation of Shmira, the skimming device was found on the stretcher in the ambulance. 

The NYPD continues to urge people to tug at EBT payment terminals slightly before using them to ensure that no skimming devices are attached. 

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