UPDATE: Two Dead After Car Accident in Boro Park

UPDATE: Two Dead After Car Accident in Boro Park

UPDATE 3:51pm:

Officials say the white sedan responsible for this afternoon's horrific multi-vehicle crash was speeding when the driver ran a red light and hit the first vehicle and multiple pedestrians.

The sedan came to an abrupt stop five blocks after slamming into the first car and only after striking a light pole that stopped its momentum and exposed live wires. 

Seven people suffered injuries from the incident, including two who died.

Misaskim was not needed.


Hatzolah and emergency personnel are on the scene of a car accident that took place shortly after noon in front of Target on 18th Avenue and 65th Street.

Two patients are in traumatic arrest as a result of the impact, in addition to multiple people injured including one Yid. The crash also knocked down an electric pole resulting in dangerous exposed live wires. 

Photos by: Dovid Y. Jaroslawicz and Hillel Lichtenstein 

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