WATCH: Bi-Annual Modzitzer Kumzitz Warms and Inspires

It has become a tradition of Chol Hamoe’d in Boro Park, as experts in Modzitzer neginah, and aficionados of old-fashioned, authentic chassidishe music gather at the home of Reb Aaron Orlander, a renowned expert on this style of neginah in general, and on Modzitzer neginah in particular.

Niggun after niggun, carefully chosen from hundreds of otherworldly composition, each with their own backstory, is sung with a deveikus that truly transports the participants. Reb Aaron is joined by fellow Modzitz neginah expert, Reb Duvid Bick, who starts many of the nigunim

Before each niggun, a small introduction is given on the style of the niggun, the composer, the year of it was composed, and the details surrounding its creation.

This tradition wasn’t born overnight. Reb Aaron, Reb Duvid, and a select group have spent decades absorbing the appreciation, the nuance, the detail, and the burning love for these nigunim at the feet of the legendary Reb Benzion Schenker whose name is synonymous for Jewish song and with Modzitz. They spent decades in his inner circle, at countless farbrebgens in the Modzitzer shtiebel and at Reb Benzion’s home, until these nigunim became a part of them.

Here they are joined by the talented pianist Reb Dov Lenchevsky who brings the music to another level.     

As we head into winter, we are pleased to showcase this glimpse into the Kumzitz from this past Chol Hamo’ed Sukkos at the Orlander Sukkos, which is sure to inspire and uplift as only chassidishe neginah can.

Photos by: Achim Lenchevsky 

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