Weekend Weather: Frigid Temps with Real-Feel Below Zero

Weekend Weather: Frigid Temps with Real-Feel Below Zero

By: Yaker Biegeleisen 

First, we will see some more rain on Friday morning, and then temperatures begin plummeting sharply throughout the day—and by sharply we mean ending with real-feel temps in the overnight hours Friday night. 

This is thanks to a strong cold front. 

The cold pattern begins around 1:00 pm—every hour drops around five degrees. 

What will begin in the mid-40’s in the morning, will wind up in the teens (real-feel single digits) by late tonight. 

The overnight hours will see temps with below zero feel. 

Shabbos day will start out at in the teens, and only rise up into the 20’s. 

This pattern will stick around for Sunday and Monday, and Conditions will be clear and sunny for these last days of Chanukah. 

Yaker Biegeleisen is Boropark24’s weather and nature reporter.

Photo credit: Candid Lens

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