Weekly Weather: A Mixed bag of Weather. Snow on the way?

Weekly Weather: A Mixed bag of Weather. Snow on the way?

BY: Yaker Biegeleisen 

This week looks to be a real mix of temperatures and conditions, with warm weather, cold weather, rain, and snow, all making appearances in the area over the week. 

We begin with mild weather on Monday, which may give way to cold rain and maybe some flurries as we get closer to Tuesday morning. 

Midweek, the temperatures will go down into the thirties by night, and into the fifties by day. Tuesday night may see some rain with a chance of snow as it cools down, and the same goes for Wednesday evening.  

But as we near the weekend, the familiar pattern returns, with temps plummeting into the teens over Shabbos. That, combined with potentially stormy weather, may bring us the thus-far-elusive snow. We will see about that as we get closer.

Yaker Biegeleisen is BoroPark24’s weather and nature reporter.

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