Weekly Weather: Warm Storms Ahead of Frigid, Blustery Conditions

Weekly Weather: Warm Storms Ahead of Frigid, Blustery Conditions

By: Yaker Biegeleisen

Following a rainy, warm Shabbos, we will see strong rain and the potential for thunderstorms overnight, into tomorrow morning. There will be dense fog, and difficult visibility on the roads (use caution).

Sunday will be warm, in the high 50’s—the quiet before the storm, as we face the coldest temps this winter yet.

Sunday night, into the morning hours Monday will bring us a strong cold front, with frigid temperatures into the low 20’s, with conditions holding for Tuesday (high pressure from Southern Canada keeping this system here).

Wednesday we see a slight warming, with a chance of rain—before yet another cold front on Thursday, Through Thursday night…where we get yet another cold front with the potential for snow.

We are watching this storm carefully, and will advise of any updates, as we settle in for more seasonal winter patterns this week.

Yaker Biegeleisen is a born-and-bred Boro Parker who resides here with his family. He is a weather enthusiast, reporting on weather for Boropark24

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