Weekly Weather: Wintry Weather is Here at Last

Weekly Weather: Wintry Weather is Here at Last

By: Yaker Biegeleisen

Following one of the warmest Novembers recorded in history, we are about to get hit with wintry weather at last, with below-average temps in the coming weeks. 

Tonight, Motzei Shabbos, will see some rain on and off, and then temps drop drastically, into the 40’s. Sunday morning will see temps struggling to surpass 50 degrees. 

The rest of the week will see a similar pattern, with temps in the 40’s by day, dropping into the 30’s at night. 

The coming weekend will see seasonal temperatures, as we settle in for a cold pattern for the foreseeable future.

Yaker Biegeleisen is Boropark24’s weather and nature reporter

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