Yeshiva Karlin Stolin ‘Raises Rebbeim’, Established in Memory of Reb Aaron Klitenick, Pillar of Yeshiva

Today is the final day of a historic campaign by Yeshiva Karlin Stolin to raise the funds to deliver substantial raises to every single rebbi and marbitz Torah—an initiative that is dedicated in memory of Reb Aaron Klitenick, z”l, who left this world weeks ago, following a lifetime of Torah and chessed.

An Eternal Tribute to a Life of Torah and Chessed

Reb Aaron, and ybl”ch, his chashuve brothers, were among the first talmidim in the yeshiva when it was founded, close to seventy-five years ago in Williamsburg.

From that time, his contributions to the yeshiva have been immeasurable. He invested his broad expertise and experience in financial matters, and the fierce dedication of a chossid who sought only to see the yeshiva grow and thrive,

There could not be a more fitting tribute to this incredible figure who lived a life of anivus and quiet chessed, a pillar of the yeshiva for its entire existence, until his recent passing.

And the yeshiva sets out on this monumental journey, it is upon the foundation of the immeasurable sacrifice of this unique pillar who has carried the yeshiva for so long—an everlasting tribute to the incredible life of Torah and chessed lived by this pillar of our yeshiva.

Investing in our Rebbeim; Transforming the Chinuch Landscape   

This is an idea whose time has long since arrived.

Mosdos haTorah, chinuch organizations, and the general public have all come to recognize the need to invest in our rebbeim in a financially-meaningful way.

We cannot expect our rebbeim to enter their classrooms each and every day with peace of mind —prepared to shape  the future of Klal Yisroel— even as they are compensated at a rate that has not risen in decades.

Now is the time to resolve, as a community, to invest in those most precious heroes among us, to show them how much we value them, and our willingness to invest in them.

Yeshiva Karlin Stolin has never been known for its affluent parent body, and this is a step that we cannot take alone. It has always been Klal Yisroel, those who appreciate Torah, Torah with fire, and steeped in a tradition of fire and joy, who have rallied to support it as it has thrived so miraculously.

Tuesday and Wednesday, 28-29 Adar I (March 1-2), a historic campaign will take the world of chinuch by storm. “Raising our shining stars” (as the Gemoro refers to rebbeim) is Yeshiva Karlin Stolin’s foundation into a monumental commitment to raise every one of its rebbeim (an effort that is already underway). Alongside this is the establishment of a rebbeim simcha fund that has already awarded tens of thousands of dollars to our rebbeim at the time of a simcha.

During this campaign to “elevate its mechanchim, raising its rebbeim,” the yeshiva will be joined by thousands in the community, its own parents and alumni, and those or other beautiful mosdos haTorah, who will support this trailblazing effort.

Together, we will invest in our rebbeim.

Together, we will impact the future of Klal Yisroel whom they will mold.


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