Around the House: Clear the Clutter with Space-Saving Hacks

Around the House: Clear the Clutter with Space-Saving Hacks

By Yehudit Garmaise (Space-saving hacks photo gallery below)

Tiny NYC apartments can feel tidy and even spacious by de-cluttering and applying a few easy tricks that can create unexpected space in which to neatly store belongings.

Edit your belongings: The first step to freeing up cluttered space is to consider what items you never use, what you may have in duplicate, what you may need to return to other people, and what you may still be able to return to Amazon and other stores.

Rarely-worn clothing should be given away and stained, and torn clothing should be tossed. Bulky things, such as unused exercise equipment; kitchen gadgets; cleaning tools; outgrown children’s books and toys; already-read or will-never read books, and pointless tchotchkes you don’t even like should be donated as soon as possible.

Toss bulky packaging: When you stock up on anything, you don’t need to store the boxes, just the items, so as soon as you get home, take everything out of its packaging before storing neatly.

Buy plastic or fabric storage containers to stow things used irregularly, such off-season clothing, bedding, and items for each Yom Tov in hidden storage spaces, such as: under beds, high shelves in closets, under sinks, and in garages or any unused storage compartments.

Use suitcases as storage: Maximize the space your suitcases take up in your closet by keeping right inside them everything you need to jet off. At all times, keep in your suitcase: your vacation accessories, travel toiletries, flying neck pillow, and your passport.

Choose furniture that provides hidden storage: Buy sofas that open up for storage, desks with drawers, side tables with shelves for books and photos, and large bathroom medicine cabinets. 

Invest in space-saving items: For starters, behind-the-door racks provide lots of extra space for shoes or odds and ends. A pegboard can turn any blank wall into a space-saving dream, i.e. a wall of hooks and shelves for all your odds and ends. For more space-saving objects look at the photos down below.

With a little effort and a few shelves, storage boxes, and drawers, New Yorkers can provide permanent spaces for all of their belongings and create the airy homes of their dreams.

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