Around the House: Prepare for Shabbos all Week-Long to Make Short Fridays a Snap

Around the House: Prepare for Shabbos all Week-Long to Make Short Fridays a Snap

By Yehudit Garmaise

Shabbos is coming in this week at 4:23 pm, but by preparing a little bit all week, busy women can stay calm, cool, and collected in the hours before early zmanim.

When we take a little extra time every day of the week to make one dish that can get frozen, Shabbos prep will be a snap when noon on Friday rolls around.

Monday: is a good day to make chicken soup to serve to your family and freeze the rest for Shabbos.

Tuesday: Hashem said “tov” twice on Yom Shlishi, so why not make a kugel or two to store in the freezer to defrost on Friday. Potato, lokshen, apple, broccoli, cranberry, and pineapple kugels all freeze great. 

Wednesday: Baking challah is a stand-alone job, so the middle of the week is a great day to focus on your lechem Mishneh. Going on a walk to buy challah Friday morning is also a great option.

Thursday: Beautifully setting your dining room table on Thursday sets the right erev Shabbos tone in the home, and gets everyone excited for what is to come. In the kitchen, Thursday is a great time to make any dips, which can just be stored in the refrigerator. Kids can help out by making muffins, cookies, or any other baked goods that can just be stored in Tupperware on the counter or in the refrigerator.

Friday:  Make main courses and side dishes, such as rice, potatoes, and roasted vegetables. Get your cholent started, and all you will have to do later is make a vegetable salad and fruit salad before it's time to get ready to light the candles, grab a siddur, a book, or a magazine, and embrace Shabbos with serenity.

Photo Credit: Jamie Geller

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