Around the House: Reimagine your Entryway to Provide a Calm and Tidy Welcome

Around the House: Reimagine your Entryway to Provide a Calm and Tidy Welcome

By Yehudit Garmaise 

Our foyers are the first things we see when we open our doors, but our entryways are often dumping grounds for backpacks, magazines, mail, shoes, boots, coats, and sometimes the remains of our children’s lunches from the day before.

Also by our front doors on occasion are things we need to return or toivel, and whatever might need to be given away.

Instead of confronting clutter and another collection of tasks that need to be done right when we come home, orderly entryways can enhance our moods and relax us after we open our front doors.

How can we transform one of the busiest spots in our homes into a serene and organized oasis in which we can exhale and smile?

1. Remove everything that could be stored elsewhere: Now that winter is on its way, any shoes that we only wear in the summertime should be put away to hibernate. Things that need to be taken out of the house should be put in our cars or stored in front closets, where items can be grabbed when we have chances to deal with them. Old magazines need to be recycled and mail needs to go in a special box for sorting later. Ask yourself: Could random items, like packing tape, be tucked away elsewhere because they are not used very often?

2. Scrub it down: While you are considering everything you have in front, take this opportunity to sweep the space, vacuum the rug, and scrub down the walls, which likely have marks on them after so many hastily kicked-off shoes might have created scuff marks. 

3. Consider what kind of storage you like now that are you left only with the essentials: Once you are left with the absolute minimum of what you need to keep at your front entryway, think about how you would like to store it. Shoes can be stored in rattan baskets or boxes that are covered in fabric. For things that should remain out-of-sight, like backpacks, a good option is a covered ottoman that opens up for storage, but can also be used for people to sit while they put on their shoes. 

4. Neatly restock your storage space with essentials: Keep the clutter at bay by removing any extra items every night and returning them to their rightful homes.

5. Polish the wood on shelves and shine your mirrors to make your entryway gleam: Stash glass cleaner, orange oil to shine your wood, and a towel in your front hall closet for quick swipes to spruce up your foyer once a week. Also. remember to wipe down both sides of your front door, doorknobs, and locks to keep them sparkling clean and germ-free.

6. Hang a key rack above your front-hall table: So you no longer have to hunt for car and house keys when you are running late. Instead of clutter, a plant, a lamp, and a pretty little sculptural object can replace clutter to add to a serene and welcoming vibe.

7. Take a step outside: Sweep off your front porch, shake out your welcome mat, and clean off your mail slot to make your home’s entrance a warm, welcoming, and gracious place.

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