Around the House: Winterize Your Closet in Five Easy Steps

Around the House:  Winterize Your Closet in Five Easy Steps

By Yehudit Garmaise

As the air cools down, and we head into MarCheshvan, our closets need to be reorganized so we can easily grab what we need once the snow starts to fall.

To provide the space to put warmer clothing front and center, New Yorkers should first take out any clothing and shoes that are only worn in the summer months.

Step #1: Remove Summer Clothing: As you go through your closet to find all your lighter-weight clothing, use the opportunity to look at each item.

Anything from any season that you have not worn in a year or two should go into a giveaway pile to donate.

Everything that is leftover should be folded neatly and put into plastic or fabric-covered storage containers, which can be bought at Target, Amazon, and The Container Store.

Step #2: Stow it Away: Look around your home for spaces for storage: high shelves in closets, under beds, other closets, and anywhere you have room that is not front and center in your closet and can keep your summer clothing safe, protected, and out of your way until after Pesach.

Step #3: Make a Pile for Repairs: If you haven’t worn clothing that you love simply because it needs a repair, a new button, or an alternation: now is the time to get those things ready for wear.

Dry cleaners and neighborhood seamstresses can quickly make inexpensive repairs that make or re-make your favorite clothing just as you want and like it.

Shoe repair businesses can easily re-heel and shine beloved shoes and boots to make them look as good as new.

Step #4: Group Like with Like: To find the winter clothing you want in rushed mornings, group similar colors and items together. 

Turtlenecks, sweaters, and lighter shirts each get their own pile. Or all black sweaters can get one pile and colored sweaters go in another pile.

To stay organized, make sure that everything that hangs has the same type of hangers and that similar items stay grouped together, such as work clothing, Shabbos clothing, and at-home clothing. 

Step #5: Now, put your Winter Favorites in Your Closet’s “Prime Real Estate”: Before re-stocking your closet, use the opportunity to sweep it out and wipe down the shelves, so your space is nice and clean. 

Now that you have the room: neatly fold and hang warmer clothing in the categories you have chosen, so that everything you need for winter stands front and center, and you are ready b’zrezus for the days ahead.

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