BDE: Mrs. Malka Freund, a”h.

BDE: Mrs. Malka Freund, a”h.

By: Boropark24 Staff 

We are saddened to inform you of the untimely passing of Mrs. Malka Freund, a”h, of Antwerp and Boro Park. She was 65 years of age. 

She was born to her father, Reb Yidel Adler, who hailed from generations of Viznitzer chassidim. His father would travel to the Ahavas Yisroel of Viznitz and send home letters about what he had witnessed, which his mother would read to the children—after dressing them in their Shabbos finery, such was the emunah peshutah and emunas tsaddikim that ran in this family. 

She married ybl”ch, Reb Shmiel Freund, from a Bobover family in Eretz Yisroel, and they settled in Antwerp. After a few years, they relocated to America, where they were part of the Bobover chassidus here. 

Her temimus and emunah peshutah were legendary, as was her Yiras Shomayim. In recent years, she was unwell, and suffered from illness. 

She was niftar earlier today, a few weeks after the marriage of her eldest grandchild. The levaya took place in front of the Bobover beis medrash.

Yehi Zichra Baruch.  

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