BDE: R’ Hershel Weiss, z”l, Longtime Melamed in Skverer Cheder

BDE: R’ Hershel Weiss, z”l, Longtime Melamed in Skverer Cheder

by YS Gold 

Hundreds of talmidim in the Skverer cheder in Boro Park, along with countless others, were saddened by the news of the passing of Reb Hershel Weiss, a melamed in the preschool of the cheder for 47 years. 

While he resided in Williamsburg, he made his way to Boro Park every day to teach generations of young, precious children with extraordinary dedication. 

“We all remember his beautiful ways, his middos, and his patient demeanor to us young, impressionable children,” recalls one talmid who relates that his five brothers also shared the same experience. “The connection that we forged in nursery lasted far beyond the walls of his classroom; he made sure to keep the connection for decades after they left his classroom,” he remembered. 

Despite his ill health in recent years, Reb Hershel continued at his post, until shortly before his passing. 

The Levaya took place last night at the Skverer cheder on 43rd Street in Boro Park, mere feet from the classroom in which he invested all of his energies into shaping generations of precious tinnokos shel bais rabban for decades. 

Yehi zichro baruch. 

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