Boro Park Bachurim Rescued near Katrina Falls in Thompson

Boro Park Bachurim Rescued near Katrina Falls in Thompson

By: Boropark24 staff 

A group of twenty-four bachurim from a Boro Park yeshiva were vacationing in South Fallsburg and were hiking up the trail to Katrina Falls in Thompson. Several of them went off the trail at one point, and before they knew it, they had lost the trail. 

They alerted Hatzolah, which called local emergency services as well as forest rangers. After a two-hour operation, all the boys were accounted for. 

“When I got there, seven of the boys had already emerged from the forest, and the forest rangers had made contact with another group still inside the woods,” a responder who was on the scene, told Boropark24. “Baruch Hashem we did not need to transport anyone—but I would caution any group entering a wooded area, no matter their age: have a list of precisely who goes in, because this can save lives later,” he said. 


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