70+ Siyumim Made by Bachurim of Bobov-45

70+ Siyumim Made by Bachurim of Bobov-45

BY: Yehuda Alter 

Although we are prohibited from eating meat during the nine days, a seudas mitzvah is a notable exception, and among many communities a siyum is intentionally made. 

As per the Bobover minhag, siyumim are made and meat is eaten to celebrate the occasion, during the early part of the nine days, as well as motzei Tisha b'Av.  

The Bobov-45 Rebbe spent these last weeks in the Mesifta's camp in Parksville, together with the bachurim. Understandably, many bachurim vied for the privilege of making the siyum before the Rebbe--spending countless hours in the toil of Torah, in order to reach the milestone of completing a masechta. 

In all, more than seventy bachurim of the mesivta of Bobov-45 completed a masechta in these days, countering the galus with the light and the joy of Torah.

Photo Credit: Hillel Lichtenstein 

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