Boro Park Gets 4 New Sifrei Torah

Boro Park Gets 4 New Sifrei Torah

By Idy Perl

Between this week's Shabbos and Sunday, Boro Park will be filled with an atmosphere of joy and celebration as four Hachnusas Sifrei Torah will take place, each dedicated to a different Shul.

The shuls celebrating a new sefer torah are:


The Koson bais medrash will be receiving a new sefer torah, donated by R' Avrum Meir Altman and R' Leib Spitzer. The kehilla will daven in Anshei Sfard to celebrate the new torah, which will first be used for krias hatorah on Shabbos.

Kavunas Halev:

The Kavunas Halev shul is the second shul receiving a new sefer torah this weekend. This torah was donated by the entire kehilla collectively in honor of the memory of the late Rebbe zt”l.  The hachnasas sefer torah will leave 4320-17th at 5PM on Sunday and will head to the Kavunas Halev bais medrash at 1654-43rd. This will be followed by a yartzeit seuda for the rebbe, which will take place at 4310-10th.


Bobov is celebrating a new sefer torah as well, which was donated by R' Yitzchok Zitronenbaum. The hachnasas sefer torah procession will leave at 5:15 from 15th Ave and 47th St and head to the Bobover shul across the street. The seuda will be combined with the Lag Baomer tish scheduled for later in the day. 


A Hachnusas Sefer Torah will take place in honor of the 45 victims of the Meron tragedy, donated by R' Yitzchok Wolf, given in to the Stichin Shul at 1561-50th St. The procession will leave around 4pm from the Lipshitz Hall 5000-14th Ave to the shul, where it will be followed with a Seuda.

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