Boro Park Shomrim Growing Their Camera Network

Boro Park Shomrim Growing Their Camera Network

By: YS Gold 

Readers of would be aware of the work of Boro Park Shomrim in apprehending suspects in crime incidents, often with the help of video footage outside a home or place of business, clearly identifying the suspect in the act. 

Now, Shomrim has reached out to the community in an effort to widen this surveillance network, by registering the cameras with Shomrim ahead of time, apprising them of the location of each one, so that when a crime occurs there, they know how to reach the owners immediately. 

“Many crimes occur in front of homes or businesses,” said one Shomrim representative. “These cameras are perfectly situated to capture these crimes, and if we’re able to reach the owners and get the footage, this will assist us in solving the crimes sooner, getting the perpetrators off the streets, and minimizing crime in the future,” he said. 

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