NYPD Deploys Extra Patrols to Jewish Neighborhoods on Shabbos, which an anti-Semitic Group has Named a “Day of Hate”

NYPD Deploys Extra Patrols to Jewish Neighborhoods on Shabbos, which an anti-Semitic Group has Named a “Day of Hate”

By Yehudit Garmaise

New York police officers have urged Jewish communities to take extra safety precautions on Shabbos, which a neo-Nazi group based in eastern Iowa has declared a “day of hate.”

Last month, a tiny Midwestern anti-Semitic group designated Feb. 25 as a “day of hate,” and other white supremacist and hate groups have since said they plan to participate, according to David Goldenberg, the Midwest regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

For the past few years, as part of their efforts to “recruit” new members, white supremacist networks have been naming “days of action” to distribute hateful propaganda stickers and fliers, hang banners, and hold demonstrations.

While there are no identified threats to New York City, out of an abundance of caution, the NYPD will deploy additional resources to sensitive locations, including houses of worship,” the NYPD’s deputy commissioner of public information told BoroPark24. “We urge all New Yorkers to remain vigilant, and if you see anything suspicious, please call 1-888–NYC-SAFE.” 

While violence, IyH, is not on the radar, at least one message issued online by “day of hate” organizers asked their participants to photograph or take videos to submit to the creation of “a compendium of exploits from around the country.”

Goldenberg warned Jews and other minority groups to stay far away from any participants involved in the “day of hate,” and never to engage with them in any way to avoid both confrontations and the possibility of being recorded.

“Do not confront individuals distributing propaganda, conducting banner drops or spraying/stenciling graffiti as they may be willing to engage in violence and/or film interactions to use in their digital propaganda,” Goldenberg said. “Instead, we encourage you to contact law enforcement to report trespassing, vandalism, or harassment if any of these activities occur on your property.

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