Boro Park Snapshot: Amor Fine Jewelry

Boro Park Snapshot: Amor Fine Jewelry

One thing that will always have value, is jewelry. Since mankind is created, jewelry has been a significant part of society. We see it throughout Tanach in various places. For example, when Rivka Emeinu was chosen for Yitzchak or when the woman gave of their own collection to beutify the Mishkan.  We see it when we marry off our children, we invest so much in the jewelery. We start with a ring at the engagement and a watch at the wedding. Without even realizing, it has become a huge part of our religion and culture.   

Zalmon Minkowitz and his wife, Simcha Minkowitz, are proud owners of Amor Fine Jewelry. Located in the heart of Boro Park at 4606 13th avenue. He has been in the jewelry business for eighteen years. He opened this shop two years ago. However, before he opened this store, he worked for a family owned business in Crown Heights and eight years ago opened a location in Woodridge, New York. 

“It's my first job. I mean I gave haircuts in yeshivah, I always loved to make a buck.” Zalmon says jokingly, to’s Heshy Rubinstein, in an interview after being asked about other businesses he's been involved in.

In his Brooklyn location, Zalmon, only deals with real diamonds. He does offer what he calls a “cruise line” in Woodridge. It's jewelry made of simulated stones. He says it resembles a cubic zirconia (CZ) stone but it is a much higher quality product. 

When you are doing something for a long time, there is always a story to tell. Zalmon recalls a woman walking into his upstate store and asking how much a specific pair of earrings would coast. His wife, who was working the store at the time, replied that it had an $1899 price tag. “The costumer pulled out a twenty and asked for the change.” 

Zalmon himself hand picks every piece of jewelry he showcases. He carefully curates a gorgeous array of options. Everything he sells is of upmost quality. “I want to be here for simchas and exciting occasions. I always love to see a customer walk in with a smile and leave with an even bigger one.” Mr. Minkowitz says, “I just want them to be happy.”

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