New Song In Loving Memory Of Moshe Just Z"L

This song is in loving memory of the unforgettable Moshe Just Z"L that tragically passed away in a terrible car accident while being in Arizona.
A few of Moshe's friends reached out to the well known Badchen & Performer Shlomo Yakov Weber - after one of them had found a little melody which Moshe had composed on a rough track he once recorded on his phone - to patch it up and release it in dedication of Moshe's Neshamah.
After Shlomo Yakov added some Yiddish Lyrics on how tragically Moshe passing was, which no one could've imagined of.
He teamed up with Shlome Brach to be project Manager, and took a nice arrangement by Mendy Mertz of Double M Productions to bring you this incredible!

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