Boro Park Snapshot: Miller’s Dry Goods

Boro Park Snapshot: Miller’s Dry Goods

On Wikipedia the translation of a dry-goods store in US retailing is a store that carries consumer goods that are distinct from those carried by hardware stores and grocery stores. Miller’s Dry Goods is this and more. They offer the largest selection of things starting with at-home items and continuing way past just that.

Aaron Gold was learning in Kollel before he bought this store 35 years ago, in 1985. He purchased it from Mr. Miller who gave it its original name of Miller’s Dry Goods. “In life you need to take risks.” says Mr. Gold when asked about why he went into a business with no prior experience.

It was originally on the corner of 13th avenue and 50th street, at the Berkshire Bank, previously known as Solomon Plaza. After two years he moved across the street to 5021 13th avenue. Mr. Gold said the new location had a better landlord. Eventually he bought the building housing his store and one tenant.

Mr. Gold took the store from what it originally was and expanded it tremendously offering the largest variety in Brooklyn. He says people come from all over Boro Park, Flatbush and even Williamsburg to buy from him. “When people from Israel are visiting, they specifically come here to buy the things they need to bring back with them.” Says Mr. Gold.

You can really find everything in this store. Things from umbrellas and raincoats to full sets of luggage. He carries all kinds of cloths and garments including suits for boys, chasidishe and not chasidishe shirts for men, a full line of baby cloths and girls dresses.

Every few months he puts out new seasonal items, now for summer you can find camp towels and bathing suits, during the winter you can buy things like hats and gloves.

Miller’s dry goods was open during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, “there was a chat amongst the local stores, when someone heard a cop, they would notify this chat.” Mr. Gold told Heshy Rubinstein of “Even with the coronavirus, people still need things, we were here for that.”

Mr. Gold has a message, he says “support your local businesses. It is very important to keep the economy circulating amongst ourselves during this time of economic disaster. So, shop local and stay safe.”

Miller’s Dry Goods is now offering a 10% discount off any purchase of at least $40 for the next week by mentioning the boropark24 snapshot. There is also a 50% off sale on girls dresses now.

Miller’s is the best place to find all the things you are missing at home. It is a one-stop shop for the entire family.

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