Boro Park Welcomes Six New Sifrei Torah

Boro Park Welcomes Six New Sifrei Torah

A vibrant atmosphere of joy and celebration fills the streets of Boro Park as six Hachnusas Sifrei Torah ceremonies, each dedicated to a different Shul, unfold.

On Sunday, the community witnessed three Hachnusas Seifrei Torah ceremonies: one at the Shomer Shabbos Shul, another at The Cheder, and a third at the Tiferes Eliezer Shul.

Monday brought another significant event at the Hachnusas Sefer Torah to the Tartikov Kollel.

Finally, on the auspicious day of Shavuos, the yom tov of Kabulas HaTorah, two new Sifrei Torah will be joyously celebrated—one at the Bobover Shul and the other at the Alesk Shul.

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