Culinary Corner: Oreo Gelt Ice Cream Pie

Culinary Corner: Oreo Gelt Ice Cream Pie

Charnie Kohn

 This recipe is so fun and easy to make. Only four ingredients! Your children will have a blast decorating the pie and your family will be wowed by the presentation!

12 oz sandwich cookies
56 oz vanilla ice cream, thawed
4 tablespoons margarine
Chocolate coins

1: Place thirteen cookies in the food processor and blend until fully crumbled. Add the margarine and blend for a few more seconds
3: Place the mixture in a nine-inch round pan. Press down until you have a thin layer of cookie crust
4: Blend the vanilla ice cream until creamy. Add the rest of the cookies and blend until combined. Pour over the cookie crust and decorate with chocolate coins. Freeze for at least six hours before serving

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