Impressive Results Achieved for Refuah Helpline's Results Campaign

Impressive Results Achieved for Refuah Helpline's Results Campaign

BoroPark24 Staff

The ambitious five-million-dollar fundraising goal for Refuah Helpline's "Results" campaign was met by generous donors and surpassed even the six-million-dollar bonus goal.

Refuah Helpline offers tireless devotion to every patient and family. Whatever it takes, no matter the obstacles, regardless of who the patient is, as long as needed - Refuah Helpline is there in every way for cholei Yisroel while pursuing the ultimate result — a refuah shleimah. 

Refuah Helpline boasts a team of dozens of caseworkers and support staff working around the clock on behalf of our community's sick. Just as Refuah Helpline assists cholei Yisroel from all over the world, donations poured in from across the globe as well. Over 21,700 generous donors participated in the tremendous success of the annual campaign.

The results of Refuah Health are nothing short of astonishing and directly result from the millions of dollars Klal Yisroel contributes annually through fundraisers like this one to support the extensive operations for the year ahead.

BoroPark24 reached out to Yoel Fried from Friedco Media, who was behind the successful campaign.

"We see people appreciate what Refuah Helpline does," Fried shared. "And  this year, they came forward way more generously than expected, so much so that we had many fundraisers who volunteered independently without being recruited."

Refuah Helpline, which has operated exclusively in Monroe until this year, recently opened a new branch in Boro Park. The organization is also in the process of opening additional branches in other essential locations.

This year's initiative drew to its triumphant close last night, but donations are still being accepted at

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