HATE IN BORO PARK: Suspect Randomly Attacks Chassidic Man on 18th Ave

HATE IN BORO PARK: Suspect Randomly Attacks Chassidic Man on 18th Ave

BY: Boropark24 Staff 

A deeply disturbing video from Thursday evening showed a bicycle-riding man in a white sweatshirt passing a Chassidic man pushing a wagon on 18th Ave and 48th St. Totally unprovoked, the man zoomed up behind the victim and swept his hat off his head, before riding on. 

Through the fast work of Shomrim, the man was soon located on Ave F and McDonald Ave and placed under arrest by NYPD. 

These incidents have become far too common in our communities, and it has been pointed out that, even when perpetrators of these obvious hate crimes are arrested, with hard proof of their actions, they rarely face any real punishment. Anti-hate groups have documented hundreds of incidents where members of our communities were terrorized and attacked in a style that can only bring to mind prewar Eastern Europe--with very little being done in our defense by government officials.

Councilman Kalman Yeger commented that this was an attack committed by a "Non-Yeshiva-Educated" suspect. Unprovoked. 

"When does one EVER see the reverse? But the antisemitic politicians targeting us will say nothing about this," Yeger wrote in his tweet.

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