Massive Blaze Destroys Boro Park Home, all Miraculously Safe

By: Boropark24 staff

A 2-alarm blaze ripped through the home of a Boro Park family, at 4301 10th Avenue, on Friday night, shevi’i shel Pesach.

The blaze erupted around the time of hadlokas neiros, and quickly spread throughout the second floor apartment.

The men were in shul at the time, and the women were thankfully outside.

The family of ten was soon left without a roof over their heads, and community askonim galvanized to their aid.

One immediate concern was feeding the family, and the staff at Masbia Soup Kitchen sent over a large amount of food, through Shemira volunteers who delivered it, to the neighboring home, where they’re staying for the time being.

The entire family remain with just the clothes on their backs, and it is hoped that the community will assist them in their hour of need.

Anyone willing to donate to the emergency fund for the family that is in urgent need of assistance, can do so here:

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