Mayor Adams Seeks to Tell Ghost Gun Companies, “You are Out of Business”

Mayor Adams Seeks to Tell Ghost Gun Companies, “You are Out of Business”

By Yehudit Garmaise

Mayor Eric Adams wants to tell the online providers of ghost guns, “You are out of business,” he said today at City Hall.

Polymer80 is the company that sells 90% of the ghost guns that are recovered in the streets of New York City.

In an attempt to stop Polymer80 from delivering untraceable weapons to the homes of criminals, Mayor Adams called on the US Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms (ATF) to revoke the company’s federal firearms licenses.

After the NYPD “took 2,600 guns out of the hand of bad people, the city should be at a place in which crime is under control,” Mayor Adams lamented. “But the guns just come right back in.”

Those who provide the tidal wave of illegal gun sales, Mayor Adams said “are foiling and destroying the operation,” referring to his wide-ranging attempting to tamp down crime in NYC.

“The bad guys are outpacing us,” Mayor Adams said.

Any criminal “no matter what his deranged state,” can order the ghost guns and assemble them at home, said Mayor Eric Adams with undisguised anger.

“Polymer80 doesn’t ask whether you have a permit,” said NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell. “They don’t ask whether you have a gun license, and they don’t require you to go through a background check to buy a gun that is unassembled. 

“Buyers simply order and build these deadly firearms.”

The federal government created an Aug. 24 deadline for ATF to mandate serial numbers and stamps on any gun parts, however Commissioner Sewell said that date is too late and “means that many of these untraceable versions will be purchased just in time for summer in NYC.” 

Anticipating what could be further increases in crime as New York City heats up, Commissioner Sewell said, “We need to be prepared.”

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