Mayor Encourages Gov. Hochul, Private Companies to Issue More Vaccine Mandates

Mayor Encourages Gov. Hochul, Private Companies to Issue More Vaccine Mandates

By Yehudit Garmaise

After Gov. Kathy Hochul was blamed by Attorney General Letitia James for the latest surge in COVID in New York state, Mayor Bill de Blasio called on the governor not just to issue a vaccine mandate for the workers of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), but to extend vaccine mandates to any members of the state workforce whom the governor can reach, he said.

“I respect the governor,” the mayor told BoroPark24 this morning at his press conference. “I call upon her to use mandates in a way that will save lives and help us get out of the COVID era.”

The obvious first place for Gov. Hochul to issue a mandate, the mayor said, is the MTA because it is a big workforce comprised of 70,000 people, who come in close contact with all New Yorkers.

“The MTA is a great place to start,” said the mayor, who called the 94% current vaccination rate of New York City “a stunning number.” “If there are any other elements of the workforce whom the governor can reach: the mandates make sense.”

"Mandates work."

In fact, this morning, Mayor de Blasio said that he thought private sector leaders, such as United Airlines just did, should issue vaccine mandates to protect their workers, their families, their customers, and their communities.

“We have seen some great examples of private sector companies [that have issued vaccine mandates] that have had a huge positive impact,” the mayor said. “I think every company should move to it.”

“So, it is time for more mandates.”

Photo: Flickr

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