Modzitz Pesach Kumzitz 5782/2022

Modzitz Pesach Kumzitz 5782/2022

Writeup by Dr. Gordon Dale

This Chol Hamoed Pesach, the home of R’ Aaron Orlander was filled to the brim with Jews who braved the storm to experience the musical legacy of Modzitz. The nigunim selected were from across the timespan of Modzitz’s rich musical history, with both familiar favorites and pieces that are very rarely heard. R’ Orlander and R’ Dovid Bick are walking archives of Modzitz music, and shared incredible works such as the “Bomba nigun,” and nearly forgotten melodies that were transcribed in the “Vilna notes,” an important music preservation project of World War II. The singing was supported by the talented Dov Lenchevsky on piano, who added to the texture of the music with his skillful artistry on the piano. Instrumentalists also added to the evening, with pieces played by Chaim Shmuel Helfand on clarinet, Yisroel Aryeh Wachsman and Dovid Gruenfeld on violin, and Gordon Dale on guitar.

Modzitz Kumzitzin take place every Pesach and Sukkos, and are open to the public. Everyone is invited to join in the simchas yontov inspired by Modzitz nigunim!

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