Mayor Adams Makes City’s Streets Cleaner and more Welcoming with Covered Trash Bins

Mayor Adams Makes City’s Streets Cleaner and more Welcoming with Covered Trash Bins

By Yehudit Garmaise

Mayor Eric Adams continued his quest to create safe, clean, and welcoming streets in New York City today when he announced that city’s Department of Sanitation (DSNY) will be placing new covered trash bins in public spaces across the five boroughs.

“These sealed containers will be in spots where bags of litter basket waste used to sit on the curb for hours: providing a free-all-you-can-eat buffet for rats,” said newly-appointed DSNY Commissioner Jessica Tisch, as she explaining the city’s new “Clean Curbs Bins.”

“The trash is going away,” said City Councilmember Gail Brewer (6th District), who assured New Yorkers that the new covered bins will be free of advertising and will not be accessible to living spaces for New Yorkers who are homeless.

After remembering, with a laugh, a press conference in September 2019 when as Brooklyn borough president, Mayor Adams stood up with a rat to make the point that he was launching a deadly attack on the disturbing rodents, Brewer thanked the mayor for “making sure that we have secure trash bins across the boroughs."

“We have talked about wanting to change this for years, and now we are announcing new funds to test our clean curbs containers in all five boroughs,” DSNY Tisch said. “Whether residential, commercial, or litter basket trash, we want to find out what works, what doesn’t and finally give New Yorkers the clean curbs they deserve.”

“The lessons we learn will help us to expand this to other parts of the city,” said Tom Harris, the leader of the Times Square Alliance.

For too long, New Yorkers have had to get used to walking by mounds of trash on the sidewalks, said City Council Member Eric Bottcher, who represents the city’s 3rd district.

Keeping streets and sidewalks clean was an absolute priority according to the majority of New Yorkers who were surveyed by the Times Square Alliance, said Harris adding: “Cleanliness was one of their top issues.”

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