News Roundup: Palestinian seen destroying and burning Jewish Mezuzah parchment; Chinese Boeing 737 with 132 Passengers onboard Crashes into Mountain

SICK! Palestinian seen destroying and burning Jewish Mezuzah parchment 

A Palestinian was seen destroying and burning a mezuzah parchment with a hateful smile on his face.

"These radicals have a problem with Jews - not just Israel," an Israeli media personality tweeted.

Chinese Boeing 737 with 132 Passengers onboard Crashes into Mountain

A China Eastern Boeing 737, carrying 132 people, took a nosedive midflight and erupted into flames as it hit a mountainous region.

It was around 2:30 pm, local time, when the plane began losing altitude before completely falling from the sky and killing all aboard. 

“The company expresses its sorrowful condolences to the passengers and crew members who died in this plane crash,” the airline said in a statement, CNN reported.

Russians Bombard Mariupol, Ukraine, for Five Consecutive Days: Trapping 200,000

As Russian forces continue to launch countless bombs over Mariupol, Ukraine, the residents of the port city feel as if they are seeing scenes from the end of the world. Dead bodies lie in the streets, with no one to bury them. Houses are burning, without anyone to put out the flames. Mariupol’s residents are now suffering their fifth day without running water, power, and sanitation. Food and water are also quickly running out.

On Saturday morning, the Russians promised to provide a ceasefire to allow time for the 200,000 trapped civilians to escape. In response, Mariupol city officials sent 50 buses to the city’s center to evacuate Mariupol residents, however, less than two hours later, however, Russia's army went back on its word and again began launching bombs and missiles to continue to trap the Ukrainians who had begun their escapes.

On Sunday, the Russian army told authorities in Mariupol that they had to surrender the city at 5am Moscow time, however, the Ukrainians refused to give up.

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