Readers Write: Delayed Green, Menace of NYC

Readers Write: Delayed Green, Menace of NYC

Dear editor. 

I would like to sound off on an issue that has been irking me increasingly, as the horrific idea of “delayed green” has spread around the neighborhood like a plague—adding to the inconvenient experience that is driving through the streets of Boro Park. 

In recent months, we have seen many more ‘delayed greens’ being installed all around Boro Park. Drivers approach the intersection—empty, in the vast majority of cases—and after the light has finally turned red for traffic in the opposite direction, and the walk signal has been given for the pedestrians in his direction—he still must wait up to two minutes for the light to turn green! 

Can we be surprised that Boro Park drivers are irritable and impatient?! 

Can we wonder why the stress level of our drivers seems to have gone up? 

Does it come as any surprise that the congestion on our streets and intersections is out of control?! 

DOT officials get to impose their grand ideas on the rest of us without so much as a hearing, and—in my opinion—have not properly considered the implications of this feature. Most likely, they are doing this in consideration of the pedestrians, so they can get to cross the street before any motorists can jump out. 

Did they consider the other side of the coin? The dangers that can come out of it?! (In general, while pedestrians are more defenseless, not inside the safety of a vehicle, not enough deference is given to the drivers and their concerns, and pedestrians in this town certainly have no consideration for drivers, and are forever jumping out in front of cars—but I digress). 

I know of at least one very serious accident that occurred because the driver saw the white walk signal come on, and stepped on the gas, out of habit. In general, it is extremely difficult to look all the way up at the traffic light when you’re sitting right under it—and have always relied on the walk signal to know when to proceed. I believe that it’s a miracle that we don’t see more accidents as a result of this. 

I cannot prove it, but I believe that delayed greens contribute as well to the general congestion that we are seeing, which is only getting worse. 

I sincerely hope that the city will curb the installation of these features, ending this menace to our driving. It’s difficult enough as it is. 

Thank you. 

Sincerely, Shira Globstein. 

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