Readers Write: Out of Touch - AI Coming Now to Your Local Doctor's Office!

Readers Write: Out of Touch - AI Coming Now to Your Local Doctor's Office!

I would like to sound the alarm over news that I find deeply disturbing. Whereas so many of our rabbanim have declared using AI completely assur in order to preserve the health of our neshamas, we have just gotten the news that AI is taking over one more arena, and now our physical health is in danger as well. 

AI is now coming to your local doctor's office!

According to the company which makes the new AI tool, utilizing the new process will save doctors as much as ten minutes per patient by generating a medical chart based on audio recordings of the patient's visit, like lab results and doctor's notes to create a summary of the patient visit. Along with recommendations, the new AI technology can even create codes for diagnoses and billing. 

The idea is all about saving already overburdened doctors' time so they can see more patients. 

Trusting our health to some mindless algorithm seems a foolish endeavor at best and a chancy one as well, even if it does save time.

Whatever happened to the healing touch attributed to our doctors? Are even doctor's visits going to lose that last vestige of humanity as well as we turn over more and more to our "trusty" AI, which, the last I heard, is prone to making up lies on a whim, recreating history and arguing for the far left while refusing to support the right? 

Have we lost our minds so completely that artificial intelligence is now the only way humanity can ever think again? 

What do you think?

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