Shomrim Issues Seraifas Chometz Warning to Parents

Shomrim Issues Seraifas Chometz Warning to Parents

BoroPark24 Staff

Shomrim has issued an important message to parents to warn their children of the dangers associated with not treating the seraifas chometz fires with the appropriate respect.

“Each year, there is at least one person injured by irresponsible behavior,” a Shomrim volunteer shares with BoroPark24. “This year, we want to avoid that by asking that parents not only watch their kids but warn them about irresponsible behavior and the consequences.”

Noting that the seraifas chometz fire should really only be utilized for burning the ten pieces of bread from bedikas chometz and lulavim for those with that minhag, Shomrim advises that everything else should go in the dumpsters throughout the neighborhood. 

Shomrim warns that glass bottles are especially dangerous given their propensity to explode in the heat of the flames, sending shards of glass splinters flying. Other hazards include aerosol cans, batteries, paint, and chemicals, which can also explode, endangering anyone nearby.

Relighting fires that have already been put out after all the chometz is burned is another danger parents should make sure their children avoid.

“If you need to send your children out of the house Erev Pesach and think that the seraifas chometz burning is there to entertain, that’s the wrong message,” Shomrim says. “Teach kids to act responsibly and treat the fire with respect, and we’ll all be able to enjoy Simchas Yom Tov this year.”

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